The challenges of tomorrow

Coastal cities are flooding

The C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group predicts that sea level rise of at least half a meter will affect 800 million citizens by 2050. By 2100, sea level is likely to rise from half to one meter, but two to five meters is not ruled out.

IPCC Assessment-Report

And need more space to build on 

“Globally, over 50% of the population lives in urban areas today and about 40% lives within 100 kilometres from the coast. City leaders must move quickly to plan for growth and provide the basic services, infrastructure, and affordable housing their expanding populations need.”

World Bank – Urban development

Our solution?
Sustainable modular floating platforms

“The goal is to create a resilient floating infrastructure that merges expertise from engineers to marine ecologists to imagine a floating ecosystem of the future that can exist productively with its surrounding environment.”

The project can be easily translatable in different contexts.
The platforms can be connected and easily pass from the block size to the floating city dimension. The buildings’ structure can be easily demounted and re-used. The project can be easily transportable.
Lowers construction and maintenance costs.

Smart manufacturing + Net zero energy + Food production + Waste management + Water treatment aim to make the platform completely autonomous.

Systems-focused approach.

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